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We have a long standing service commitment to our customers and want to ensure that your new home lives up to your expectations


Imperfections in the glass?
This is normal and is due to the glass manufacturing process. Glass will, from time to time, contain seeds, bubbles or even fine scratches that can be seen at close quarters.

Glass should be viewed at a distance of no less than 2 meters from inside the room in natural daylight, or 3 meters for toughened laminated or coated glass.


What do I do if I want to fix something to a ceiling or wall?
Always check for cables and pipes prior to attempting to fix anything.


I have some cosmetic defects to items in my property will these be covered?
Cosmetic defects to decoration, tiling, textured ceilings, kitchen units, fitted bedroom and bathroom furniture, worktops, sinks, sanitary ware, appliances, glass or other items which are not reported within seven days of legal completion will not be covered.