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We have a long standing service commitment to our customers and want to ensure that your new home lives up to your expectations.


If I have a problem with one of my appliances/white goods in the property who do I call?
First check the fuses within the electric consumer unit to check if any have tripped. If they have reset them and if trips again when using the appliance it has a fault, contact manufacturer. If not tripped and still not working contact manufacturer. You will have been given the appliance instruction booklets and extended guarantee slip for you to fill in and send off at handover. If your appliance is faulty, you will need to contact the relevant manufacturer using the information provided and report it to them as the appliances are covered under their warranty.


We haven't got any water, what do I do?
Check with your Water Board to see whether there is a local stoppage and report your own lack of water. Don’t run off water from your boiler in case of ‘burn out’ in your water heater.


We have a main plumbing leak, what do I do?
Turn off the main water valve, usually situated under the sink before seeking assistance.


We've got a leak from our bath or shower. What do I do?
First check the sealant for damage. If not, turn off the water at the fixture or stop tap and call for customer services if less than 12 months old. Don’t use the shower or bath until the problem has been inspected and rectified.


My electric has gone off?
Check if other homes or street lights have also lost power and contact local service provider if so. If not, check the trip fuses within your consumer unit. If the light fuse has tripped it is usually caused by a blown bulb, reset it. If the socket fuse has tripped this is usually because you have a faulty appliance plugged in which needs locating and removing before resetting fuse.


I can smell gas in my property, what do I do?
Do not turn on any electrical device or switches/sockets. Turn off the gas shut of valve located next to your gas meter. Check your gas hob/cooker valves are closed, if so contact local gas authority.


My boiler has gone off and won't work?
Check the boiler's water pressure dial is above zero and below 2 bar. Check the gas valve is turned on to the boiler. Check the boiler is turned on at the wall switch and lit up; also check fuse in consumer unit. If an error code is shown on the LCD panel, refer to the operation and maintenance manual within your handover pack. Contact boiler manufacturer to book engineer call out.


My drains are blocked and waste water isn't draining away?
Blockages caused by inappropriate disposal of waste will not be covered. Try to clear the blockage using a plunger or wire plug hole drain cleaning device or a purpose chemical product. If this doesn’t work, contact customer care or United Utilities to report a sewer blockage.