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We have a long standing service commitment to our customers and want to ensure that your new home lives up to your expectations


My drains are blocked and waste water isn't draining away?
Blockages caused by inappropriate disposal of waste will not be covered. Try to clear the blockage using a plunger or wire plug hole drain cleaning device or a purpose chemical product. If this doesn’t work contact customer care or United Utilities to report a sewer blockage.


Condensation forms on the glass?
This is water vapour condensing on the coldest surface, which is usually the glass in a window. This will happen more in bathrooms and kitchens and is perfectly normal. To reduce this effect it is advisable to increase the ventilation in a room when cooking or when taking a shower or bath.


I have damage to my property caused by the bad weather/high winds am I covered for this?
Unfortunately Brierstone nor the NHBC cover the property for storm damage, you should refer to your home insurance for this.


I have some damage to my property, will this be covered?
Damage cause by storms or by accident, negligence, abuse, or poor maintenance of the property or appliances, including blockages caused by inappropriate disposal of waste will not be covered.


I have condensation in my property, is this covered?
Any problems caused by natural shrinkage or condensation are not covered, however we are able to offer you some advice on how to deal with condensation or see the NHBC guidance on condensation in your new home booklet included in your handover pack.


We've got damp patches on the walls, what do we do?
If damp patches appear in the kitchen, bathroom or wardrobes, it may be because you haven’t been ventilating sufficiently during use. Or had furniture against a the wall. Open the windows or doors in the case of wardrobes, allowing each room to dry out. Wipe away any mould that has appeared with bleach or water solution. You may need to retouch paintwork.


Why is our radiator cool at the top?
This usually means an air lock in the system. This reduces heating efficiency and, if the air is not removed, it can also lead to rusting inside the radiator. To release the air:

Turn off the heating

Attach the radiator key to bleed valve and turn anticlockwise.

Open the valve with care – it can come out completely. Just open it enough to hear the hiss of air escaping. Hold a cloth under the bleed valve to catch the water when the last of the air is released.

When water comes out, close the bleed valve. (Radiator keys are available from any DIY or hardware store).